[rescue] [Slightly OT]: Desk/Tables for multiple computers

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>On Sun, Jul 10, 2005 at 12:27:01AM -0400, Aaron Finley wrote:
>> Believe it or not, IKEA. The vika desk with steel legs ran me $89. The 
>> desk top is 63x31 and is two inches thick (!), finished in beech veener.
>I like the NORDEN (kitchen table?)

Nice table/desk.

Noticed this in your gallery - check out the tiny speakers in the TV set (the camera angle makes them obvious)... 

I just wired my family room TV after the move-in. I put a three-way splitter on the cable signal, and ran one lead to the cable box, one to the ReplayTV DVR, and the third to the TV, and ran line outs from the cable box to the line in on the DVR, for optimal flexibility. I wired it all up, carefully shoved it into the TV stand, and the cable box didn't work. (I failed to test the setup before putting it in the cabinet) It turns out the original way I wired it snaked the cable signal throught he DVR, and it wasn't passing the entire signal through to the cable box, so I came up with this option...

Of course, five minutes later, my son wanted to watch a DVD - and there isn't one there, and the cabinet is full...

Luckily, "his" TV (in the playroom) has an integrated DVD player...
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