[rescue] IBM/Sun disk compatibility

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Mon Jul 11 15:39:40 CDT 2005

Does anyone have direct experience with or knowledge of IBM 80-pin
disks, part number 59H6601?  The vendor says they are model DGHS950,
which is a 1" 18GB 68-pin 7200rpm Ultra-SCSI2 drive, but as far as I can
find, that part number maps to model DGHS18Y, which is 1.6" 18.2GB
80-pin 7200rpm.

Does anyone know for certain whether these drives will work in Sun
systems?  (And will they physically fit in U30/60/80?  I don't remember
whether they will take 1.6" disks or not.  I know they'll fit in a
6-slot 711.)

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