[rescue] [Slightly OT]: Desk/Tables for multiple computers

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Mon Jul 11 14:12:56 CDT 2005

My servers sit on whatever I could scrounge/build/get cheaply at the time.

One desk is a decent looking smooth door laid across 3 matching file cabinets.
I trued it up so it fits right, looks sharp, and has a convenient hole
at rear center (where the doorknob would go) for cables.  ~3'x7'.  I
already had the file cabinets and the door was rescued, so it cost me nothing.

Another is a lab equipment rack that came from the local Apple factory when
they shut down.  Blue power-coated steel, heavy rollers, the thing would
probably hold 1000lbs.  It's about 5' wide, 3' deep, has an adjustable shelf
that is 3'x5' mounted about knee level, an arm that sticks out in front with
a shelf about 1'x5' made of that black acid-proof countertop they use in chem
labs which I use as the keyboard/mouse shelf, another adjustable shelf about
1.5'x5' which I use for monitors, and one more 1.5'x5' fixed shelf at the top
(about 5' above the ground)  Everything including the adjustable shelves is
held together with heavy duty bolts.  (1/2" diameter shafts, heads marked with
SAE J429 designation)  The shelves themselves sit atop steel crossmembers for
strength.  I think I paid $50 for it.

Last are a couple of "Gorilla racks" I picked up at Sam's Club.  Steel shelving
with 3/4" particle board tops, maybe 2'x7'x7'.  They can be assembled as a single
7' tall unit or two 3.5' tall units.  I built one as two 3.5' desks (low ceiling)
and manipulated the other to make a 3.5' desk with a 2-shelf hutch above it.


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