[rescue] It's no S/390...

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Sun Jul 10 22:18:14 CDT 2005

Steve Hatle wrote:
> I agree with all the comments on suckage, Patrick- nice score! :-)
> I spent my hot, humid day inside upgrading my Origin 2000 rack.
> Now it's at 10x250Mhz processors + 6x195Mhz processors and 16GB of RAM. I
> find that humorous since it's currently only running off of a 9GB disk.
> Thanks to all on the list who have provided help, parts, software and moral
> support!
> I'm probably going to do a re-install of IRIX (and add some disk) since I've
> learned a little bit since I installed the first time. Then the machine
> needs a "mission"- at least more of a mission than looking really cool
> compared to the other gear. <grin>
> I can run it during the week at work, but generally need to shut down over
> weekends since the building backs off on the air conditioning and the
> machine goes into thermal shutdown. It's on a good Matrix 5000 UPS, but the
> room it's in doesn't have sufficient, dedicated cooling- and this guy throws
> some heat, believe me.
> I'm open to suggestions. I could probably make accounts available via ssh
> with some firewall work and a nod of the head from the boss after a review
> of the security setup...
> Thanks again to everyone for their help in getting this guy going and beefed
> up. It's been a fun project.
> Steve

Congrats in getting it going Steve.

I don't think I mentioned it here, but I picked up an O2k as well. It is 
ready to run, but I haven't done a clean install on it yet (I was trying 
to break root on the install that came with it, but john had been 
running for a week and I had to shut down the machine running it today).

Mine is (now) 16x250MHz and 14.5GB ram (it had 8 195's, but I replaced 


I had the machine running for a few days, but the temperature got a 
little warm. I am hoping to pick up a bigger AC unit once I get back 
from vacation. So for now it is shut off. I might also try to vent the 
hot air from it directly outside. Worst case, in 3-4 months I get cheap 
AC by opening a window ;-)


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