[rescue] [Slightly OT]: Desk/Tables for multiple computers

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 21:07:04 CDT 2005

Eric Webb wrote:
> Ahh, was just waiting for the opportunity to bring this up... I've been 
> piecing together a woodshop as a second hobby and am working on the desk at 
> the link below... okay, so it's not original design, but I need some help at 
> this stage.  My #1 problem, though, is ever having the time to get out and 
> work on it.  Damn SAP.

I am the same way. I bought a $700 Jet table saw around Christmas and it 
is STILL in the box. I keep telling myself that I can do without the 
$700 because a table saw, once set up, is something that can be kept for 
life.  Time is definitely the number one problem.

-- Aaron

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