[rescue] [Slightly OT]: Desk/Tables for multiple computers

Rox rox at sunmuseum.org
Sun Jul 10 15:36:03 CDT 2005

On 9 Jul 2005 at 23:20, Andy Wallis wrote:

> I'm now looking around for a heavy-duty table that I could put
> about 200 pounds on without worrying ...

I'd like to think that most people who can cope with multiple flavors 
of *NIX are also reasonably capable of using a hand saw, tape measure, 
screwdriver and hammer ;) It took me two part-days to design and 
fabricate a fitted bench that supports a row of five 21" monitors and 
their associated Iris Indigo, Indigo2, Indy, O2 and Octane 
workstations. The top is 3/4" blockboard (covered with linoleum), the 
frame is mostly 2x4. I add my own weight to that of the systems on a 
regular basis to reach high shelving. 

I confess I never bothered with calculations of stress and strain,  and 
it was the most complex wooden structure I've fabricated since I left 
high school (which is a considerable number of years ago now :)  You 
did say "table" however, which implies autonomy from the surrounding 
walls and the ability to be moved. This makes it somewhat more 
complicated if the structure is not going to impede the use of the area 
below. If I needed that flexibility, I suspect I would forgo the hand 
saw and hammer in favor of the disc cutter and MIG welder :)

  -/ Rox /-    <sunmuseum.org>

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