[rescue] It's no S/390...

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sun Jul 10 15:30:46 CDT 2005

I agree with all the comments on suckage, Patrick- nice score! :-)

I spent my hot, humid day inside upgrading my Origin 2000 rack.

Now it's at 10x250Mhz processors + 6x195Mhz processors and 16GB of RAM. I
find that humorous since it's currently only running off of a 9GB disk.

Thanks to all on the list who have provided help, parts, software and moral

I'm probably going to do a re-install of IRIX (and add some disk) since I've
learned a little bit since I installed the first time. Then the machine
needs a "mission"- at least more of a mission than looking really cool
compared to the other gear. <grin>

I can run it during the week at work, but generally need to shut down over
weekends since the building backs off on the air conditioning and the
machine goes into thermal shutdown. It's on a good Matrix 5000 UPS, but the
room it's in doesn't have sufficient, dedicated cooling- and this guy throws
some heat, believe me.

I'm open to suggestions. I could probably make accounts available via ssh
with some firewall work and a nod of the head from the boss after a review
of the security setup...

Thanks again to everyone for their help in getting this guy going and beefed
up. It's been a fun project.


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