[rescue] [Slightly OT]: Desk/Tables for multiple computers

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 23:27:01 CDT 2005

Andy Wallis wrote:
> I'm now looking around for a heavy-duty table that I could put about 200
> pounds on without worrying if it will crash to the ground or warping in a few 
> years. Most of the results from searching do not give stress limits; they 
> usually only display the weight of the table. Does anyone have recommended
> products that can handle such strains and not break the bank?

Believe it or not, IKEA. The vika desk with steel legs ran me $89. The 
desk top is 63x31 and is two inches thick (!), finished in beech veener.

-- Aaron Finley

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