[rescue] New arrival to the family.

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Sat Jul 9 11:03:05 CDT 2005

Shirker <shirker at mooli.org.uk> wrote:
> You sir create a vacuum ;)

Talking about catching hardware, I was asked if I wanted an "old" Mac
for free. The last time I said yes, I ended up with a LCII. Ho hum.

This one turned out to be a blue PowerMac with a 400MHz G3, a gig of
RAM, and *SCSI*. Oh, and a crappy IDE CD-ROM, but since I can plug in
my SCSI DVD-RW that's not a real problem. I can even pull on the tab
on the side and peer at the pretty insides though.

Tiger runs a treat on it, and even iTunes doesn't suck too hard. I
like this sort of free kit.

Now, does anybody want a free LCII? ;)

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he begrudged a clergyman fifty dollars for tying.
							- Helen Rowland

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