[rescue] Dell oops

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Wed Jul 6 20:41:48 CDT 2005

Good news: After someone (Mr. Bill?) mentioned that they were happy with
their 17" Dell 1704FPT LCD monitor, I placed an order last week for work.
It was dirt cheap due to all the discounts...something like $200 shipped.
Came in yesterday, and I finally got around to opening it...hey, this is a
bigger box than I'm used to seeing...why does it have "1905FP" printed on
it?  Packing list shows 1704, but they sent me the 1905 19" panel (!)
instead.  Hopefully, it's a free upgrade.

Bad news: I've got a low-end Dell 17" panel at work, and the 1704 was
intended to sit next to it in a dual head config (replacing my 17" Sony
CRT).  Between 'more pixels, not bigger pixels' and a desire to halfway
match the other panel, I'm not sure what to do.  If only it would do
1600x1200 native...

Moral of the story...if you want a 1905, now might be a good time to order
a 1704 instead.  They're still showing 2-3 weeks out on the 1704, so I
suspect that they're shipping the 1905 rather than make people wait it out
for the 1704.


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