[rescue] Metatron (was Re: Sun crushes the used Sun market)

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Jul 6 04:49:23 CDT 2005

On Wed, Jul 06, 2005 at 02:31:32AM -0700, Steve Jones wrote:
> Wasn't the Metatron the angel who acts as God's spokesman in Dogma? I
> couldn't think of the actor's name, but am told it was Alan Rickman...

I did not think that Dogma was so popular. I've only seen it once in the
general public here. I've never seen it advertised in the movies, on
cable, etc. 

About 4 years ago a coworker who was a movie fan brought the rental DVD
into work. She found it at a movie store that imported obscure foreign
films. To us films from the U.S. are foreign, but 99% of the ones I see
on cable are in English. 

There is one channel that specializes in what I call foreign films, such
as French, Chinese, Koren, etc but I don't watch them because the
subtitles are in Hebrew and I can't read them.

This does not count the myriad Russian channels, one of them being
local, with the obiligtory Hebrew subtitles, the rest just snagged off
the sattellite.

Hebrew films always show up just before hoildays, I've seen the three classics
of the Israeli cinema probably 100 times. The films must be 20 years old
now and have Hebrew, Arabic and English subtitles.

There is a actually a big movie industry here run by Golan-Globus, but their
films are all in English and released by Hollywod.

I digress and am moving the followup to geeks.

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