[rescue] Details on "Free Ultra 20" program

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Fri Jul 1 10:44:03 CDT 2005

Bill Bradford wrote:

>>From the web page I was sent the URL to yesterday:
>The Sun Ultra 20 workstation offers blazing x64 performance, development 
>tools, and support for multiple operating systems Until September 30, 2005 
>subscribe to a 3 year Sun Service Subscription program for only $29.95 per 
>month and get a Sun Ultra 20 workstation free*. Order now for delivery in 
>* includes the Sun Ultra 20 entry configuration.
>Ordering Notes:
>    * Web exclusive promotional price available for eligible Sun Store 
>customers (U.S. only) and only available on Sun Store. The Sun Store Terms 
>and Conditions apply. Promotional price not valid in conjunction with any 
>other purchasing agreements, discount(s) or offer(s).
>    * This offer is a 3 year Service Subscription contract, which includes 3 
>years of service support for hardware and Solaris 10, Java Studio Enterprise,
>and Sun Studio 10.  Early cancelation of this contract is prohibited.
>    * Payment for this Service Subscription is credit card only and will be 
>billed on an annual basis. The first payment is due upon ordering this 
>subscription. The remaining amount is billed in two installments due at the 
>beginning of year 2 and year 3.
>    * The "entry" configuration of the Ultra 20 is free with this Service 
>Subscription. Upgraded hardware configurations are available for an 
>additional charge. Any additional charges for upgraded hardware is due at 
>the time of purchasing this offer.
Wake me up when it's not a low quality PC clone (got rid of all but 
one), as there's no current danger this x86-64 refresh of a U5 does to 
the current SPARC line.

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