[rescue] Details on "Free Ultra 20" program

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Fri Jul 1 03:20:23 CDT 2005

>From the web page I was sent the URL to yesterday:


The Sun Ultra 20 workstation offers blazing x64 performance, development 
tools, and support for multiple operating systems Until September 30, 2005 
subscribe to a 3 year Sun Service Subscription program for only $29.95 per 
month and get a Sun Ultra 20 workstation free*. Order now for delivery in 
* includes the Sun Ultra 20 entry configuration.

Ordering Notes:
    * Web exclusive promotional price available for eligible Sun Store 
customers (U.S. only) and only available on Sun Store. The Sun Store Terms 
and Conditions apply. Promotional price not valid in conjunction with any 
other purchasing agreements, discount(s) or offer(s).
    * This offer is a 3 year Service Subscription contract, which includes 3 
years of service support for hardware and Solaris 10, Java Studio Enterprise,
and Sun Studio 10.  Early cancelation of this contract is prohibited.
    * Payment for this Service Subscription is credit card only and will be 
billed on an annual basis. The first payment is due upon ordering this 
subscription. The remaining amount is billed in two installments due at the 
beginning of year 2 and year 3.
    * The "entry" configuration of the Ultra 20 is free with this Service 
Subscription. Upgraded hardware configurations are available for an 
additional charge. Any additional charges for upgraded hardware is due at 
the time of purchasing this offer.

So, it's actually "$29.95/month for three years, paid a year in advance"

Drat.  Well, I don't have $360 available right now, or I'd be ordering
one.  Guess I'll wait until the Austin house is sold and just buy one 


bill bradford
houston, texas

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