[rescue] Announcement from Sun

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Sat Jan 29 03:13:27 CST 2005

Kevin Loch wrote:

>> Hopefully this will allow faster support for hardware on *bsd.
>> Maybe we can talk them into opening earlier versions of Solaris
>> under the same licence to get some of the old/ancient hardware
>> supported :)
Well, maybe that could be a step to get Solaris 10 features for the 
sun4's , and some of the hardware that could shine
if you had source for it (*cough*ZX*cough*- the sbus equivalent of a 
Creator3D, or those SS5/170's that had bugs that lasted a while in other 
OS's). I just hope Sun doesnt pull another "ZX trick" with the source by 
yanking certain hardware in less than 2 versions(when you cant even get 
the version that *does* support it), or dropping 32bit support in 
Solaris 10(32bit stuff couldnt be that buggy).

Zach Lowry wrote:

> The earlier SunOS versions were often released to universities in full 
> source access. There's lots of hardware specific stuff in there, or so 
> I've heard. :-)

Nice, but those werent open at all IIRC (also, mind that the S in Sun 
stands for Stanford (which might explain Sun's misguided practices with 
Solaris hardware support, but that's another issue entirely), so it's no 
surprise universities were given carte blanche access to the source), 
and I'd bet there was an NDA regarding access to the source.

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