[rescue] powerbook 1400 needs a new home

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Wed Jan 26 21:21:19 CST 2005

Jonathan asked:

:On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, Arthur Wouk wrote:
:> my daughter has abandoned a powerbook 1400 for a g3  and a g4.
:What sort of G4?
:Jonathan Patschke ) "I've built my whole system with [-fomit-frame-pointer]
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we got a cheap gigabit ethernet 400mhz power mac. so far we have
upped the ram to about 800megs, added hard drive to a total of
100gigs, put in a dvdburner (pioneer dvr-106). going to a 1+ ghz cpu
is possible later. right now this does what shee needs. the g3 is an
ibook which she travels with.

so, is anyone interested in saving the powerbook1400? if you tell mne
what to do with it i can tell you what it has. i only work on suns.

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