[rescue] PB 1400s

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Wed Jan 26 15:54:54 CST 2005

Geoffrey S. Mendelson says ...

> Begging: If anyone has 1400 parts or dead airport base 
> stations, or Orinoco silver or equivalent wifi cards 
> and is not in a hurry to get paid, please send them to
> Sambo (Sammy Ominsky) and he'll send them to me. In a 
> few months when I have money, I'll send you something for them. 

I have none of either, but ...

Will other WiFi cards work?  Does the Apple want a particular chipset or
something else?  Generic 801.11b cards are getting pretty cheap here in The
Big PX; everyone seems to be switching to 802.11g, so the 'b' cards have a
supply/demand imbalance.

Most base stations/WAPs/etc. have PCMCIA/PCBus WiFi cards as the actual
radios.  I've had two EnGenius WAPs crap out, and in both cases the WiFi
cards were fine.  Nice 200 mW cards with external antenna connectors, too.

Floating around the 'net is a program that will flip some bits in the card
firmware and make an Orinoco Silver card take on the properties of a Gold
one.  I don't have it, since I've never needed it.  There may be details on


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