[rescue] PB 1400s

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Jan 26 15:32:07 CST 2005

Just as a note, there were lots of variations of the pb1400. 

There were two display options, the 1400cs with a pasive matrix color screen
and the 1400c with a TFT screen. The TFT screen looks better and refreshes
faster, but uses more battery power. 

There were 4 CPU options:
1.	117 mHz no cache (slow..........)
2.	133 mHz with cache (alost twice a fast as #1)
3.      166mHz with cache
4.      233mHz G3 with cache (3rd party)

I have a 1400cs with the 117 (and a bad memory chip won't go beyond 4m),
a 133 1400cs with 48m ram and a 233 G3 1400c with 64m ram. The G3 is a real
spead demon, but a fully charged battery only lasts 45 minutes, compared
to 2 hours on the 133 cs.

Both run OS 9.1.5 pretty well. 

Tip: Airport base stations contain a Wifi card that works fine on the 1400.
If you can find a broken one, it may just have a working card. :-)

Odd comment: My 9 year old son has the 133 1400cs and an iMac running 
Os X. He can't decide which user interface he likes better, they seem
pretty close to him.

Begging: If anyone has 1400 parts or dead airport base stations, or Orinoco
silver or equivalent wifi cards and is not in a hurry to get paid, please
send them to Sambo (Sammy Ominsky) and he'll send them to me. In a few months
when I have money, I'll send you something for them. 


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