[rescue] Announcement from Sun

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Wed Jan 26 11:17:39 CST 2005

Hopefully this will allow faster support for hardware on *bsd.

Maybe we can talk them into opening earlier versions of Solaris
under the same licence to get some of the old/ancient hardware
supported :)

Wes Will wrote:
> I received this in my daily bag-o'-spam.  Thought y'all might be interested:
> Solaris source code will be available under the OSI-approved CDDL 
> Open for business at www.OpenSolaris.org 
> Today, Sun announced that the source code for the Solaris Operating
> System--the most advanced operating system in the industry--will be made
> available through its OpenSolaris program. This milestone opens significant
> new opportunities for developers, customers, and partners. Open source
> Solaris means that the world will have full, free of cost access to the
> Solaris source code. Sun believes that the open source model is the right
> one because it benefits our customers. Open source means that our partners
> and customers will be able to more easily customize Solaris to fit their
> needs. It means developers ouside of Sun will be able to collaborate with
> our Solaris developers at Sun to make this great operating system even better.
> Highlights of the announcement include:
> * Sun will release the code under the newly OSI-approved Common Development
> and Distribution License (CDDL), based on the Mozilla Public License (MPL) 
> * Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) code - which changes the way you
> performance tune, debug, capacity plan, or simply understand your systems -
> is available now on http://www.OpenSolaris.org 
> * Sun will form an advisory board consisting of two members from Sun, two
> members from the OpenSolaris pilot program, and one member from the broader
> open source community 
> Find out more...
> Read the entire press release: http://www.sun.com/news
> Preview the Web site: http://www.opensolaris.org
> If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to
> cddl_announce at sun.com.
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