[rescue] Stuff needing a new home

Devin L. Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Tue Jan 25 09:20:17 CST 2005

I have a ton of classic and not-so-classic computers and accessories to 
find new homes for. Since I don't have the time or money to ship any of 
this, you need to be willing to pick up in the Seattle, WA area. Most of 
this stuff at least powered up the last time I was able to get to it, 
although there are likely some TLC issues on most or all of them that 
need to be attended to such as missing RAM or hard drives. One of the 
C-64s doesn't power up and a couple of the color NCD terminals don't 
have monitors or have monitors that are futzing, but all of the base 
units works.

Some of this stuff I'm willing to let go for free, some of it I'd like 
to see at least $5 for. And there are a couple of items (the Auspex, the 
Sun Ultra 1 and disk pack, the Apple IIgs, the Cisco router) I would 
like to get a bit more than that from. Especially the Auspex, the 
SPARCbook, and the Cisco router.

Please e-mail me with what you're interested in, how much you'd be 
willing to pay, and what your schedule is like. I don't usually have any 
time during business hours to try to meet people places, unless it's at 
my home in Monroe on one of the days I'm working from home. Evenings and 
weekends are best bet if you're not willing to drive to Monroe. If I 
have to drive a load of equipment somewhere, I'm probably going to want 
to charge enough for it to make it worth my while.

On with the list!

  x1 Northstar S-100 CP/M chassis, expansion cards, floppies

  x1 Apple IIe system + accessories
  x1 Apple III system + accessories
  x1 Apple IIgs system + accessories
  x1 Mac 256
  x1 PowerMac 7x00 system + accessories

  x1 Commodore printer
  x2 Commodore 64s + boxes of accessories
  x5 Commodore 1541 floppy drives

  x3 Sun 3/60 pizzaboxes
  x2 Sun 3/80 pizzaboxes
  x2 Sun SPARCstation 2 pizzaboxes
  x1 Sun UltraSPARC 1 Creator 3D
  x1 Sun 6-disk external 68-pin SCSI disk pack, 6 18GB SCA drives
  x1 Tadpole SPARCbook 3GX + accessories + Solaris 7 & Tadpole extensions

x11 Wyse 30 dumb terminals
  x1 B&W 19" NCD X terminal
  x6 color NCD X terminals

Routers, Network, Telco
  x1 Cisco 2516 router (48VDC telco power supply)
  x1 19" 1u serial/parallel print server
  x2 Fujitsu DSL modems
  x1 DirecTV DSL modem

  x1 Auspex NS 5500 (7' tall, 770 lbs!)
  This was a high-end server running a special form of SunOS 4.1
  using Functional Multiprocessing (FMP). Auspex tells me it is
  the only one in private hands that hasn't been traded in or
  scrapped. True classic computing lovers only need apply.
  YOU MUST PICK UP THIS ITEM. I *cannot* transport it. Bring a
  big truck or van and suitable moving/tie-down equipment and

  x1 ZIP SCSI external drive
  x1 HP parallel external CD burner
  Assorted A/V switchboxes
  Assorted TDMA cellphones + accessories
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