[rescue] 68pin to 50pin adapters? (was sparc 10 drive replacements)

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Thu Jan 20 16:46:35 CST 2005

> since i am faced with getting 68pin drives for my sparc10s, i have
> looked into ebay and find two kinds: MtoM and FtoF. i have never
> actually seen a 68pin drive so i am bewildered. if they have the same
> configuration as 50 pins, as i expect they would, they have a male
> connector, while the 50 pin source has a female connector. so i would
> judge that i need a 50 pin male to a 68pin female adapter.


I have the adapters you need that will allow you to put a 68 pin drive inside
your SS-10. These are good quality and also do the needed high byte
termination on the drive.

I'd like $7.00 each shipped. For others out there reading this this same
adapter will let you put a 68 pin drive in your Indigo 2 as it takes up very
little space. On the SGI you will have to hard code the SCSI ID on the drive.

Mike N

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