[rescue] sbus prestoserve card

Scott M mickey at denver.net
Thu Jan 20 11:44:24 CST 2005

I have a Sun sbus prestoserve card. 
I need software (SUNWprsto package). 
I understand this software was never bundled with Solaris OS. 
The software was formerly available from Sun in a product titled: 
"SBus Prestoserve Software for Solaris for all SPARC Systems", 
part number SPRE-PF. 
This is no longer available from Sun. 
If you have this software, I please contact me off-list. 
I did get a the latest prestoserve patch 103043-08 and loaded the 
driver manually, but I do not have to complete software package 
required to use the card. 
Thanks!  Scott M.

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