[rescue] hard drives for sparc10?

Bruce Pullig bruce at pullig.com
Mon Jan 17 16:55:21 CST 2005

At 04:25 PM 1/17/2005, you wrote:
>[0] I loaned it to my place of employment and they have since been
>     unwilling to reimburse me for it, nor return it.  Thus, my Indy has
>     been sitting diskless since then (although I wouldn't have had time
>     to do anything with the Indy these past few months anyway).

I had the exact same problem with the exact same part once before.   I 
grabbed my 68-50 pin adapter from home to help out another department that 
was in a pinch.  After a month of my Indy being down due to their not 
buying one of their own, and repeated calls.  They complained that they 
were too expensive. (I think I paid around $10) I removed mine from their 
Indigo 2 and told the manager that he needed to buy one, and that I didn't 
have one he could borrow any longer.   I did give him directions to Fry's.

I hate to be hard nosed, but if I can buy a part for one of my systems at 
home, they are not too expensive for a business to purchase.  No matter 
what department they are in.  "We have no budget" doesn't fly.


Bruce Pullig
bruce at pullig.com 

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