[rescue] hard drives for sparc10?

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Mon Jan 17 16:41:29 CST 2005

 Arthur Wouk asks ...

> 1) are there other somewhat younger 50pin drives like the one i used
> which are reformattable to sun requirements?

All the SCSI drives I've ever bought, save one box of Fujitsu drives, were
512-byte sectors and worked out-of-the-box on either SGI or Sun.

The Fujitsus were some odd format, but I was able to hook them to a PC and
reformat them.  I tried sformat, but couldn't make it do the job.

> 3) is there a functioning 50pin to 68pin converter which
> would allow me to use sca scsi drives at least in external
> boxes?  any experience with these? i know there is no room
> internal to the sparc10s.

I dunno about SS10 internal drives, but I'm using cheap Chinese converters
to run SCA drives in both Suns and SGIs, and they work fine.  The converters
I have are the same profile as the drives themselves, so they take up hardly
any room.  IIRC, I couldn't make one fit in an LX without some metal
surgery, but there was room enough everywhere else.  I suppose it depends on
how thight the SS10 is.


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