[rescue] Misc available for free

Chad Fernandez fernande at internet1.net
Sun Jan 16 16:35:33 CST 2005

Hey all,

Free, plus shipping.  I have everything split into 5 groups.  I don't 
want to split the groups up, as I don't want to be sending out 100 boxs 
in 100 different directions.

-Commodore 128, good shape cosmetically, all cords, power supply etc, 
original box, but doesn't work.  It would freeze up on me, and I lost 

-Zip100 for PC's (parallel port), new---I opened it, but I can't get it 
to work on either of my machines.  It may very well be fine, since I 
can't get a Micro Solutions to work on my machines either.

-a box full of PC leftovers, a pair of earlier Pentium class chips, slot 
covers, bay covers, centronics scsi cables, internal 50 pin scsi cables, 
floppy cables, several fans, a small scsi drive, a small ide drive, 
Hayes Accura 336 modem, drive rails, blah blah blah.....

-IBM AT motherboard, serial card, 8/16 bit VGA card, Adaptec 1542B scsi 
card, 8-bit ISA MFM ST11R HD controller, Unisys Personal Workstation 2 
Multiple Port Board with splitter cable drivers and instructions.

-USR Courier V Everything (older one), doesn't seem to work, but has 
instructions, power supply, and good shape cosmetically..... maybe you 
need a PS to fix one, or make it look better?

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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