Happy Applecare Store Experience Was: Re: [rescue] Mac prices

Michael Schiller schiller at agrijag.com
Sun Jan 16 11:53:44 CST 2005

Speaking of iBooks, I've had a 700mhz G3 iBook for a while now, and 
it's always had a problem with the power management unit. It first 
started a bit over a year ago, and so I sent it back to Apple to get it 
fixed. To make a long story short, last month it went back to Apple for 
the 4th time, with MacOS 10.3.6 installed on it, but came back with 
10.2 on it. As soon as I tried to re-upgrade it to 10.3 the video went 
crazy, so once again I called Applecare. This time they had me on hold 
for about 20 minutes (not the initial wait, this was for a rep to 
review my case) and when he came back on the line, he told me that they 
would be replacing my unit with a brand new one! So now I have a brand 
new  iBook G4 1.2G machine!! :)

The only down side is that now I need to buy more RAM for it, as it 
comes with only 256m of RAM installed, and at the moment I can't afford 
to buy more RAM for it :( (not to mention that I'm not sure what what 
RAM this machine needs).

It worked out good in another way too, since the flood I haven't been 
able to access my wireless AP (an old WavePOINT II) as the software to 
access it is PC only, and my PC died in the flood, but the new iBook's 
come with Airport Extreme already installed, so I was able to take the 
airport card out of my old iBook (along with the 512m SIMM I added), 
and install it in my PowerMac G4 (older dual 500mhz) so now I use it 
(the powermac) as my wireless AP.

Apple has made a happy camper out of me!

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