[rescue] IRIX and USB

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Thu Jan 13 14:44:16 CST 2005

Given that this was something i came up with off the top of my
head last night and not anything critical, i think i'll ditch the
idea.  For some reason, i thought people had added USB cards to
Octanes before, but i was probably mixing it up in my head with
the 1394 stuff.

I love my Octane but i am tempted to swap back to the linux
workstation as my main box these days.  I've been suing the
Octane for about two years now, but if i swapped back to my linux
box i could have:

1. easy access to my flash drive
2. 1easy Palm access (without having to buy a serial cable from
3. i could use my recently acquired Wacom tablet
4. i could use the 24" SGI monitor at a decent resolution
5. i could utilize the three SATA drives (although these get used
enough via NFS so i guess this one doesn't count)

All very tempting..... then again, it would probably all get
moved downstairs again the first time some PC BS started showing
up... nvidia drivers crashing, CPU fans rattling and burning out,
BIOS deciding that all of the sudden there are no hard drives in
the system..... SCREW IT.  I'm sticking with my trusty Octane :)

As for the Palm thing, i have used previous Palm phones on linux
and IRIX with absolutely no issues using jpilot as the front-end
GUI, but all of those previous ones were serial based not USB.

I have done some data backups using pilot-link and some USB Palms
before under linux with no problems.  I could be wrong, but
doesn't jpilot use pilot-link for all it's communications?  I
don't really see how the GUI would affect communications, USB,
serial or otherwise... 

Exactly what issue are you having with jpilot and USB stuff?


On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:13:06 -0500
Joshua Boyd <jdboyd at jdboyd.net> wrote:

> BTW, do you use your palm on linux?  If so, what GUI?  I'm
> having trouble getting the old jpilot to work with USB devices.
>  I don't really
> want to have to use Evolution or the Gnome-pilot stuff.

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