[rescue] RE: SGI vs. Sun

Jones, Andrew I aijones2 at bsu.edu
Thu Jan 13 12:43:41 CST 2005

Joshua Boyd wrote:
>On Thu, Jan 13, 2005 at 10:27:48AM -0500, Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>> > SGI machines IMHO are not "better" just "different".  SGI machines excel
>> > at graphics rendering and video editing - with the right hardware
>> > installed.Sun machines perform best, again IMHO, at heavy mathematical
>> > simulation
>> > and database work.Each has their own arena.
>> Challenge XL? Origin 2000? I came from a shop that used almost all of the
>> SGI's headless, and tehy were nothing but number crunchers (NASA project).
>Plus, the Origins in particular are absolute IO monsters.

Yeah, but for every Origin, there was an Indigo 2.  Doesn't anyone remember
the dog systems?

The I2's can't even saturate a 100 mbit ethernet connection, leaving their
monstrous processors spinning their wheels.

At least we can say Sun never produced anything so crippled as an R10k I2,
right? ;)

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