[rescue] Cleaning out, anyone want some FREE stuff?

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Thu Jan 13 09:45:28 CST 2005

>> SGI machines IMHO are not "better" just "different".  SGI machines
>> excel at graphics rendering and video editing - with the right
>> hardware installed.Sun machines perform best, again IMHO, at heavy
>> mathematical simulation
>> and database work.Each has their own arena.
> Challenge XL? Origin 2000? I came from a shop that used almost all of
> the SGI's headless, and tehy were nothing but number crunchers (NASA
> project).

I''ll buy that but remember that you mentioned Indy in the second half of
this which is why I focused on desktop units.

> This was before SGI's downfall.

Urrgh.  Dont remind me.

>> Ummm...Bzzt! ;-)  I personally own a 1xx R4400 that came stock with
>> one of the two Indy systems I own.  As for Sun they have always had
>> more processor upgrade options than SGI for the most part.  It all
>> depends on models, dates, times, and other ephemera.
> The Ross's are 3rd party though. And Sun had way more marketshare.

Yes but for the most part neither Sun or SGI _needed_ cpu upgrades if run
properly and in their own level of load.  It's all a balance thing.

"I think we used too much!" - Chris Knight

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