[rescue] Cleaning out, anyone want some FREE stuff?

John Williams teecee50 at pacbell.net
Wed Jan 12 22:51:34 CST 2005

> > Such a machine is a fantasy... ;>
> Then, you've never had the "pleasure" of running a benchmark on one...
> Sun machines may have good reliability, but (from experience) don't have
> very good compute power.  You'd be better off with a 24-processor POWER3
> SP frame - which should be obtainable for MUCH cheaper.  The only thing
> the F6800s have going for them is the large amount of memory they can
> have shoved on them.
> Pat

I have an E6500 with a damaged backplane that was loaned to the lab
on condition that I give it proper care and feeding.

It came here with 24 250 MHz ultrasparc IIs in it.

So the price was right.

I have my pay.  For hardware I get to use whatever I can scrounge.


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