[rescue] Cleaning out, anyone want some FREE stuff?

Bruce Pullig bruce at pullig.com
Wed Jan 12 19:56:50 CST 2005

Updated list of items available for FREE (or almost free):
2 x Sun SPARCstation 1 with memory and frame buffers.   I think one has a 
hard drive.  Both need new NVRAMs.

Sun Enterprise exx00 System board (501-4312) with 2 250MHz CPUs (501-4836) 
and unknown amount of memory.

Sun Enterprise exx00 I/O Board (501-4287)

Sun Enterprise 3x000 clock board (501-2975)

ADIC FCR-100 Fibre channel-SCSI router.  Add wide differential tape library 
or disks to your SAN. (I used this to add the RSMs that have been spoken 
for to my SAN at home.)

Sun type 4 keyboard and optical mouse.

Sun Camera II (Still in original box)

2 x Sun SBUS Video cards (not frame buffers) for use with Sun Camera above. 

Sun SBUS Fibre Channel HBA (501-3060) Uses GBICs, but none are included

Sun SBUS Fibre Channel HBA (501-2553) Uses non-standard 370-1426 module 1 
is included

SunPC 486DX Accelerator SBUS (501-1981)

Sun Ultra SCSI Differential SBUS (370-2443)

Sun SBUS quad ethernet card (501-2062)

Sun frame buffer (501-2955)

Sun frame buffer (501-1718)

Dell PowerEdge 2200 server with Dual Pentium II 233MHz processors, on-board 
SCSI, extra 10/100Base-T adapter, unknown amount of memory, 2 x 18GB SCSI 
hard drives.

First come first served, unless Bill Bradford wants something.


At 12:43 PM 1/12/2005, you wrote:
>I need to clean out, and I don't have time to test, or properly configure 
>these systems, so I'm offering them here for FREE, first come first served.
>I would prefer Houston Area (Richmond-Rosenberg or Galleria area) pick up 
>(and anyone who picks up stuff from my home in Richmond can go through my 
>box of SBUS cards and stock up on frame buffers, QFE, SunPC, NVRAM, 
>memory, and miscellaneous Sun parts.)
>I can ship items if you will pay packing & shipping costs, and enough for 
>a cheap lunch.
>1 x Sun Ultra 1 170E (167MHz, 10/100Base-T) with memory, and hard drive, 
>frame buffer.
>2 x SCSI RSM (JBOD) from a Sun StorEdge A3000 (RSM-2000) both are wide 
>differential and filled with 9GB drives.  If memory serves me they have 7 
>hard drives per RSM.
>2 x Sun SPARCstation 1 with memory and frame buffers.   I think one has a 
>hard drive.  Both need new NVRAMs.
>1 x Sun IPX with memory, 2 year old NVRAM, and hard drive.  This was a 
>working part of my cluster until about 6 months ago.  It was running fine 
>before I shut it down.  If memory serves me it has a QFE card installed.
>Somewhere I have a Sun type 4 keyboard and optical mouse.
>All parts are believed to be in good condition, or I'd just throw them away.
>Bruce Pullig
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