[rescue] "...the place for Macs"

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Jan 10 10:31:19 CST 2005

Heh.  It is and it isn't.

Just replaced the web server box for the campus museum web site.  They had
an old-world beige G3 under OS 9 and were using some crappy Apple web
server.  The site got hacked/defaced every couple of days, they just
couldn't tighten it down enough to keep out the kiddies.

Now it's the same box - same hardware anyway, *NIX on there now (Linux, not
BSD, I was in a hurry and YellowDog installs in a really short time if
you're used to it) running the current Apache web server.  0.0448% CPU
utilization, and they're handling twice the traffic as before.

Clueless they may be, but I gave them config and build scripts for Apache
and the system kernel, and they have a small notebook of step-by-step
instructions on keeping things up to date.

To date, no more hacks and very-near-100% availability.  The hardware is
basically bullet-proof.  The O/S is not exactly bullet-proof, but most
things just zing off and do no harm.

Cost to the University:  my time (and I'm seriously under-paid).

wes will

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