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Nick nick at pelagiris.org
Sun Jan 9 14:33:46 CST 2005

Prepare to be flamed to hell.  Linux IPtables is the best firewall
utility I've found so far, and I belive IPtables w/ Ethernet Bridge
support is now mainline, the only feature *BSD had over linux.  I run
debian because it's the only distro I can run on All my hardware, from
the Alphastation to the Octane.  With 20+ machines to support running
one distro per platform is not acceptable.  Yes, linux has it's
problems, and yes, some distros (HI redhat!) have very... erm.. Creative
filesystem layouts, but don't condem it out of hand.  No product is
totally worthless, heck even Windows has it's place (very small
companies unwilling to hire a technically clued employee).  hrm, sorry
for the rant.  Please do consider linux/iptables.
On Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 01:09:16PM -0500, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> Phil Stracchino declared on Thursday 06 January 2005 02:27 pm:
> Since no one else has said anything, I'll go be the strange one and 
> suggest using a Linux distro (preferably Debian).  For a three years, I 
> ran Slackware/SPARC on my firewall, using it purely as a NAT box, 
> forwarding a few ports (ssh, http) to machines inside the firewall.  
> I've never actually used OpenBSD, but from what I hear, pf is "nice" to 
> configure, but I've had no problems doing what I've wanted to with 
> iptables on Linux.  Of course, I haven't tried doing anything terribly 
> complex with the firewalling either, so YMMV.
> BTW, I don't recommend using Slackware/SPARC mostly because it's not been 
> updated in a few years now, and Debian is now my distro of choice over 
> Slack for all my machines that are able to boot a Linux kernel (except 
> for my VAXen and an Alpha that runs OpenVMS).
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