[rescue] RFA: firewall

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Sun Jan 9 13:06:35 CST 2005

Patrick Finnegan wrote:

>Since no one else has said anything, I'll go be the strange one and 
>suggest using a Linux distro (preferably Debian).  For a three years, I 
>ran Slackware/SPARC on my firewall, using it purely as a NAT box, 
>forwarding a few ports (ssh, http) to machines inside the firewall.  
>I've never actually used OpenBSD, but from what I hear, pf is "nice" to 
>configure, but I've had no problems doing what I've wanted to with 
>iptables on Linux.  Of course, I haven't tried doing anything terribly 
>complex with the firewalling either, so YMMV.
If you want something quick and dirty, and something that even a MCSE 
could install, try smoothwall.  (http://www.smoothwall.org/)  It's very 
quick and easy to setup (we're talking 15 minutes here), and has a lot 
of useful features right out of the gate.   By default, it's fully web 
administration, with an interface just as easy as a linksys "router".  
I'm actually using it at home right now because i've still been too lazy 
to get solaris 9 and sunscreen running on my ultra1.

    -Dan Sikorski

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