[rescue] RFA: firewall

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Thu Jan 6 13:27:46 CST 2005

I humbly request advice, opinions, whatever, from the Collective.  :)

The hardware: Ultra5, USIIi/333, 256M, 9.1G, three 10/100 interfaces
(the built-in hme plus a dual EEPro100), didn't really pay attention to
what framebuffer and can't say I particularly care.

The application: firewall between wired internal net, wireless DMZ, and
DSL to the 'net.  Right now there'll only be one machine on the wired
net and one on wireless, both running Win2K Pro, but real boxen running
real OSen will be shipped out here later.

 - Solaris 9 and Sunscreen Lite (included with 9, iirc)?
 - OpenBSD and PF?
 - Something else?

What's your recommendations, and why?

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