[rescue] New Year Resolution... Tektronix Smalltalk/Xerox Lisp machines free to good home

mike tuffs tuffsfamily at mac.com
Thu Jan 6 11:28:09 CST 2005

I have a number of Tektronix Smalltalk machines, Disk Expansion Boxes,
lots of manuals, & many developer QIC Cartridges, being part of the 
of the late Pat Caudill, who was involved with Smalltalk development 
for much
of his career.

Machines comprise:

2x 4404
2x 4406
8-10 Disk Expansion Units
2-3 sets of Tektronix' Unix Manuals,
Several large boxes of QIC carts, including several installation tapes.

These have cost a few hundred dollars to acquire over the last few 
years, but are
free to a good home.

Location is Portland, OR.

Cheers, mike

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