[rescue] Laptop accessories [was: Seeking thinkpad 240C..]

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 22:27:59 CST 2005

On Wed, 05 Jan 2005 11:36:55 +0000, bitrot <bitrot at cat5.be> wrote:
> Heh Bill I am using a nice sleeve from radtech.us screensavr/slip and mat
> For covering my keyboard during transit its first class.
> Radtech.us people are nice to deal with too,.

Given a $2 remnant of fabric and 15 min with scissors and sewing
machine (or even 15 min with scissors and fabric glue--just put the
"seam" on the outside) I am hesitant to cough up $25+ bucks for a
sleeve. :-/

I haven't bothered with a cloth keyboard cover. I am currently using
the "foam" sheet that came with my PB as it was packed from the
factory.  When it gives up the ghost, I'll switch to either a leather
remnant (what I used on my Pismo), a piece of thin foam packing
material similar to what I am using now (this is what I used on my
Fujitsu P2110), or a scrap of microfiber knit cloth.

I'm more concerned about the fact that the aluminum feels "dry"
because of the surface texture. Therefore it's difficult to get a
solid grip on on the PB.  Anyone seen any kind of "sticky" strips or
similar that have a reasonable (i.e. tight, yet removable) adhesive?

Oh, and water protection.  Since I am mostly public transiting, I am
getting a drybag to put my PB in before it goes into my backpack.  I
zapped my P2110 when I got caught in an evil downpour over the
summer--I had about 1" of water in the bottom of my backpack.

And I'm with Sammy on the bigger is better for laptop HD's concept.  I
have an 80GB and with all the GarageBand loops and my games, it's half
full already.

MacWorldExpo next week at Moscone...I get to go since I have to be in
Cali for other reasons, anyway.


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