[rescue] Seeking thinkpad 240C..

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 22:27:39 CST 2005

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 13:17:35 -0500 (EST), Ethan O'Toole
<ethan at 757tech.net> wrote:
> > I've had other friends and acquaintances relate similar experiences. So-
> > maybe Apple has treated some folks poorly, but they get an A+ in my book
> > for service.
> Yep, the biggest one I know bought a tibook. The paint was rubbing off but
> he didn't seem to care too much about that. Then there was a video
> controller failure, and I think apple replaced it (the whole mainboard
> AFAIK). Then it happened again after the warranty had expired, but his
> compusa extended coverage kicked in. They couldn't find a replacement
> part. Alot of his beef was with CompUSA, but it didn't help that Apple had
> failed to remedy the problem once. I believe he assumed that if it was
> fixed, it would just fail again.

As with the cell phone companies, sadly, with Apple support (via phone
anyhoo), it all depends on the support representative you get.  If you
don't like the answer, call back and try again.  After a couple of
those, if you still don't like the answer, ask for a supervisor (they
will actually give you one, unlike a lot of other companies).

If it's something borderline, do your research on the Apple Support
Forums.  If you find others who have reported that support had fixed
their problems under warranty or whatever, note down those thread
numbers and report them.  People generally post their case #'s as
well.  Use that info you collect as ammo.

I have also heard that the Genius bars are the way to go if you really
want top of the line response, though, of course, you have to go

> Now he has a Dell. If it breaks, you pitch it and buy a new one.

That just makes me sad.


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