[rescue] USB Wacom to serial

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Wed Jan 5 07:22:11 CST 2005

I'm not exactly sure on the size but i believe it was the largest
one Wacom sold in 2003.  It looks to be, maybe a couple feet in
diagonal.  I would measure it or just look up the model number,
but it's in Homestead at the time and i am in Miami.

Thanks for the info,

On Tue, 4 Jan 2005 10:36:35 -0500
Joshua Boyd <jdboyd at jdboyd.net> wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 09:00:31AM -0500, Kevin wrote:
> > Does anyone know if i can take a current USB Wacom tablet,
> > put a USB to serial converter on it and make it work under
> > IRIX?
> > 
> > I figure it's doubtful, but i just got a huge USB Wacom for
> > free(my mother upgraded and gave me her old one) and would
> > like to get it to work on my Octane if possible.
> Doubt full.
> However, that USB wacom is worth more (at least on ebay) than
> an equivelent serial one anyway, so maybe sell it and buy a
> serial one?
> How large, BTW?
> I used to have a wacom tablet on my linux machine.  I
> disconnected it when I moved May '03, and found that I didn't
> have desk space any longer for it.  Another 1.5 past, and I
> still don't have desk space to hook it to my Octane.  ARgh.
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