[rescue] Seeking thinkpad 240C..

sammy ominsky s at avoidant.org
Wed Jan 5 08:40:45 CST 2005

On Jan 5, 2005, at 01:29, Bill Bradford wrote:

> I'll never carry/use a PC laptop ever again, after getting this iBook.

I feel exactly the same about my PowerBook.  It's about equivalent to 
your iBook, but I disagree with you on one point:

> 30G HD (who needs more in a portable?)

I do.  I have a 60G drive in here, and it's *very* useful.  It's 
constantly about half full of whatever it is I carry around, abut 
having gigs and gigs of free space is very handy.  I have a 40G 
pocket-size firewire drive as well, but without something to plug it 
into it's less handy than a laptop, if more easily portable.

> I've been using this almost every day for the past month, and at least
> once a week (when on trips) before that.  It hasn't failed me yet.

My PB has become the only computer I use on a regular basis.  
Eventually, I'd like to get a big flatpanel and use it as a regular 
desktop too.  I freely admit that the 12.1" screen is smaller than I'd 


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