[rescue] Re: Indy Power Supply

Andrew Jones aijones2 at bsu.edu
Tue Jan 4 17:28:26 CST 2005

I have never seen a working Nidec power supply.  They're infamously 
faulty.  As a result, the later, Sony-made ones are ridiculously 
expensive on ebay. 

I too know the pain of an Indy with no power supply.

>It's got a Nidec/Power General power supply in it. I got the cover off the
>power supply - there doesn't appear to be anything fried inside of the
>machine. After reseating all the cards/RAM and even completely detaching
>the power supply from the rest of the box, I still can't get it to boot.
>Is there anything I can fiddle with in the power supply to breathe some
>life into it again? If not, does anyone have a Nidec or Sony power supply
>they'd like to part with, preferably cheaply?

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