[rescue] POS Serial Display's

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Mon Jan 3 22:14:29 CST 2005

Wai-Sun Chia wrote:

> Thomas Gallaway wrote:
>> So a while ago I found a new in box POS display in a dumpster. I was 
>> wondering if anybody knew how to control those if there is any 
>> standard. It seems like if I just throw serial data at it it will 
>> update the display line one, then line two then jump back to line one 
>> and overwrite that data.
>> I tried to send all of ascii at it to find a "clear" command but had no 
> Since you've tried all ASCII. Perhaps it's not there...
> Then you'd have to make a "clear" command on your own. Pretty easy 
> though, clear is just printing spaces to clear the entire 2 lines. So 
> it'd be a bit like 3270 terminals, ie. write operations are by the 
> screenfull.

Yeah that's what I figured with the spaces. Was just wondering if there 
was some sort of standard for that kind of devices like some codes that 
you have to send. :-)

Thanks too

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