[rescue] TK50 tapes up for grabs

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Sun Jan 2 07:30:18 CST 2005

Mike Nicewonger <twmaster at twmaster.com> wrote:
> Yanno, it's funny how people only seem to care about stuff until you
> have thrown it out after much effort made begging somebody to take
> it...

/me peers around the house.

Anybody interested in:

Umax 9000 Mac clone thingy with dual 604e processors.

Sun Ultra 30 with large Sun monitor (21"?)

Some dumb terminals, and a green screen monochrome video monitor (does
PAL and NTSC).

A large pile of miscellaneous PC cases, boards and cards of 1995-9

A pile of 72 pin SIMMs.

A small pile of small IDE disks.

About 50 QIC tapes, a similar number of DAT tapes, plus drives to read

Pushing 2,000 3.5" Amiga floppies.

A CDTV, complete with remote control, keyboard, mouse and floppy

A half-height rack that appears to have once contained a HP9000

Some of this stuff is worth money, so I'd like some in exchange. The
rest is edging closer to the door for bin day if it's not claimed...

Buyer/scrounger collects from Studley, Warwickshire outside of working

Work also wants rid of some rackmount cases, Sun kit, Cisco routers
(3640 rings a bell), some honking great UPSes (about 4U rackmount, got
to be good for a few kVA) and about 100 car steering wheels (don't

Buyer collects or arranges collection from a slightly different bit of
Studley during working hours.

PGP key ID E85DC776 - finger abuse at mooli.org.uk for full key

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