[rescue] TK50 tapes up for grabs

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Sat Jan 1 23:19:21 CST 2005

> >> Hey, man. I'll come pick up pretty much anything interesting that is
> >> free, will fit in my 4-door sedan, and is within 3 or so hours drive
> >> from me in Brunswick, Maine.
> >
> >
> > And therin lies the problem I suspect! ;)
> >
> Yes, I know. But it's *not* time to move. (With apologies to Dave M.)
> OK, maybe 4 or 5 hours...

Actually I was making a backhanded comment about your vehicle size. I'd
suggest a truck! ;)

And yes I am feeling it is indeed TTM [c. D. McGuire 2002]

Mike N

The problem with cruel and unusual punishment is that you have to keep
being creative.  For example, some may call it cruel and unusual to turn
a spammer into spam, but by the time you feed the hundredth into the
woodchipper it's become quite usual  -- Anthony de Boer in the Monastery

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