[rescue] Vaxen in Sweden (Europe)

Johan Fischer jofi at swepipe.com
Mon Feb 28 04:42:51 CST 2005

It is time to stop the whiining from my parents and give someone two
wonderfull small friends of me.

One VAX8520, 512 mb ram, with consol
One VAX6550, 180 mb ram, with consol

Two racks RA90 and one rack RA92
Both of them have been running VMS and the 65XX have a Ultrix to mount if
wanted. (contact Compaq/Digital for licence information)

Two large boxes with assorted cards in antistaticpacking
Two large boxes with shoelacekable to the RA9X disks.

Where? Hallstahammar, Sweden (95 km from Stockholm)

Bring a truck and adopt my two friends, since they are so found of each
other I only give them as a pair.
They are now packed and ready for shipment.

//Johan Fischer

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