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Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sun Feb 27 16:03:20 CST 2005

Dennis Jenkins wrote:
> A hand truck would come in handy with this one.  The UPS guy would cry.

Some friends and I got thgether about ten years back and made a group 
purchase of something on the order of six thousand rounds of US .30 M1 
ball machinegun ammunition in 192-round disintegrating-link belts, 
packed in airtight steel cans, two belts to a can, two cans to a crate. 
  We figured if we bought in bulk, not only did we get a great deal ont 
he ammo, but we saved about 50% on shipping because it pushed the 
shipment into the hundredweight rate.

I knew exactly what had arrived when I heard a UPS truck roll up, heard 
a knock on my door, went to the door (two flights of stairs up from the 
garage area), and the UPS guy just sort of stood on my doormat and 

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