[rescue] Alphaservers gone, extra hardware up for grabs

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sun Feb 27 15:39:13 CST 2005

Hey all,
I just found a home for the two Alphaserver 4000s I got from Ethan, 
leaving the racks mostly empty at last (the AS2100 still remains).  I 
considered trying to bring the complete one up, but concluded that if we 
can't get out of trailer hell I'll never have the power to run them, and 
if we do I don't want to deal with moving them.  (Turns out the Digital 
rack kits for the Alphaservers are a complete shelf-on-rails affair that 
you just drop the machine onto and bolt it on place.  Who knew?  That's 
three shelves I don't have to find.)

Anyway, I still have a large box of Digital BA350 disk arrays and SCSI 
controllers (one chassis full of HSZ50s, two of HSZ40s, and I think 
about ten or twelve disk units left, maybe more), and all the associated 
cabling.  There's also two 220v power sequencers, if you have a NEMA 
5R30 outlet to plug oen into, but I'm keeping the one 120v sequencer. 
If anyone wants any of this stuff, speak up now or forever hold your 
peace.  If we actually manage to get out of that crumbling roach motel, 
the 2100 and the remaining extra parts are going to the recycler, 
because I don't want to haul them with us wherever we go.

Free to good home if that's what it takes, a few bucks appreciated if 
you can spare it, will ship them if you pay shipping from NC, strictly 
as-is, first come first served, do not take internally, disconnect power 
before placing in filled bathtub, this product has been determined by 
the FDA to cause boredom in lesser purple-throated bush warblers, always 
wear your seat belt, lawyer not included.

  Phil Stracchino
  Renaissance Man, Unix generalist, Perl hacker
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  phil.stracchino at ceva-dsp.com
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