[rescue] WTT: Sun E3k, 4 x 440mhz, 2.5gb for 1u PC servers?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Sat Feb 26 22:26:49 CST 2005

Hello everyone.

I have some projects, and could benefit from some 1u servers. I've seen a
bunch on eBay that seem like they would be suitable, but can't strike a
deal. I was looking at the Dell PowerCache or cacheapp boxes, they are 1u
"350" style systems and seem like they should go cheap. The guy won't let
go of them for less than you could buy a better box for, so I don't wish
to move on that.

Next up I was looking at some Compaq W2200s, which are techincally Compaq
DL320 with different firmware. I was hoping to pick up some for $100 each,
but at last I was outbid. I'm not sure what effect the modded firmware

So if anyone has a stack of unwanted 1u PC servers that are PIII class,
preferably 650-1ghz and would be interested in trading, I have a Sun E3000
w/ quad 440 mhz procs and 2.5gb of RAM. The Sun has a fibrechannel
controller as well. A few disks will be included. No casters.

2u boxes like DL380s would work as well. Or IBM 4000s. I hear stories of
this stuff being scrapped, but never get in on it. Extra PCs always come
in useful for projects, although my upcoming database intensive project
involving traffic statistics would benefit from something faster.
Obviously if the systems are too stripped then it wouldn't be good, since
one can easily spend the cost of the box trying to get disk frames or
other funky parts.

Don't have much money to spend, thus looking to trade.

Email me in private if you are interested!

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