[rescue] Re: Symbol Spectrum24 AP-4131 question

Mike Katchabaw katchab at csd.uwo.ca
Sat Feb 26 17:45:22 CST 2005

> > I recently rescued a Symbol Spectrum24 4131 wireless access point.
> > At any rate, I've been told the default passwords have been changed
> > and since forgotten.  Is there any way to easily reset them?
> The serial port will let you in with no password.

I tried this approach ... I could get into the access point and view
configuration, activity, logs, and so on through the serial port,
without the password.  I could reset the access point, but I could not
change any configuration information, or reset the admin password
itself.  Any time I attempted to do any of this, I was prompted for
the current admin password, which of course I still don't have.

Any other ideas?  I'm more than happy to pop the back off of it and
fiddle with jumpers if it would help matters.  Otherwise, this thing
is a lovely paperweight and nothing else.

Thanks again!

(katchab at csd.uwo.ca)

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