[rescue] Any Spare Teletypes In/Near Seattle?

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Fri Feb 25 15:06:23 CST 2005

ed, just saw this on alt.sys.pdp8

Subject: FREE - to a Good Home: ASR-35 TTY
Date: 26 Jan 2005 22:26:21 GMT
From: Allodoxaphobia <bit-bucket at config.com>
Reply-To: Reply to the .sig address <NOSPAM_bit-bucket at config.com>
Newsgroups: alt.sys.pdp8

I have an ASR-35 TTY that has been in storage for over 25 years.
It was last used on my first "PC" -- a PDP-8/L  -- from about
1976 to 1979.

Pick up in Gunnison, Colorado only!
Elsewise, in May or June of this year, it goes to the county dump.

* In pretty good shape for an Ol' Timer.  I bought it from
    Martin-Marietta coming off an Air Force contract in 1976.
    ($800.00 -- if you really need to know!)
    It had been used very little, and I used it lightly, as well.
* Comes with a defunct (but, maybe repairable), off-brand
    110 baud acoustic coupler.
* The printer lid was broken (as were most, I believe) and has
    been 'repaired'.
* I have a copy of the _KSR-35_ tech doc's to go with it.
* If I can find'em, there are a few humongous (20-24" dia.) rolls
    of oiled paper tape around here, somewhere.
* The 20 ma. loop cable may come with an attached, homebrew interface
    card that I made for the 8/L.

email addy below:
-- | Marvin L Jones | jonz | W3DHJ | linux | Gunnison, Colorado | @ | 
Jonesy | OS/2 __ | 7,703' -- 2,345m | config.com | DM68mn SK

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