[rescue] re: solaris on powerpc install problem

Jay York jyork at smart.net
Wed Feb 23 17:14:01 CST 2005

Andrew Jones wrote:

>> I'm working on this right now too.  I've toyed with trying to massage a
>> NetBSD or Linux diskette to boot Solaris.  BTW, I've nearly finished
>> building Solaris 2.6 for PPC, if you all are interested.
>> -Jay
> 2.6 for PPC? Building? Tell us more!
> Are you building from OpenSolaris beta source? I could have sworn 
> 2.5.1 was the last PPC release. Were there limited-release versions of 
> 2.6 for PPC? _______________________________________________
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It's 2.6 source, not the new stuff.  It's meant to be built with sunpro 
4.2, I only have sunpro 4.0 on ppc native, so there has been some minor 
massaging required.

 From what I know, there was never a release of PPC 2.6, but as you 
might imagine from a development perspective, I'm guessing that it took 
a little while to purge the sources of remaining PPC support.  Anyway, 
it's not been too bad so far.  I'm pretty close to having an image, but 
I'm running into the same issue that everyone else is regarding the 
little boot diskettes for 2.5.

I'll keep you all informed.


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